The amount of money that is invested in the system from the cost of arrest can be more than half of an annual salary.

Probation Station provides the keys to preventing violations for early terminations.


Probation Station Education Program exists to educate and help those challenged by the criminal justice system. Probation Station is founded on experience in the Department Of Corrections with regards to how people were informed.

The mission of Probation Station is to provide juveniles and young adults, defendants, those formerly incarcerated, their family, and the community with guidance through the probation and criminal justice system.

Probation Station aims to establish a culture of prevention through continuous education and sharing stories to help others. This creates lifelong learners who strive towards a life of meaning, integrity and excellence; and who are independently motivated to give back to the community.

Probation Station Early termination in association with The Law Office of Jennifer Perelman. See if you qualify for early term or modification.

Participants of Probation Station are educated on the costs and consequences related to common decisions made by defendants, as well as, learning the importance of avoiding being entrapped in the criminal justice system. 


Here are a few things you will learn from The Former Probation Officer. Register Today!

Program participants gain increased knowledge of the criminal justice system including process components, language, terminology and history.

Program participants gain increased understanding of the costs and consequences related to common decisions made by defendants.

Program participants of Probation Station learn to use better judgement and have an increased sense of preparedness to make decisions related to the criminal justice system

Program participants have increased self-awareness and confidence, they experience decreased levels of anxiety related to encounters with the criminal justice system.


Register to attend Probation Station educational webinar. The webinar is available to anyone with internet access, registration and payment requirement through Eventbrite.

Learn from a former Felony Probation Officer:

• What it means to be on probation
• Tips on early termination of probation
• Modification (changing) of terms 
• Tips on how to avoid violating probation
• You can save hundreds of dollars

(Maximum 20 people per session)

• Tuesday - 7pm EST
• Thursday - 7pm EST
• Saturday - 11am EST

Probation Station in association with The Law Office of Jennifer Perelman is committed to educating those who want to learn about probation. For those seeking Felony Probation counsel only enter contact details with DC# on form


  • Probation Station education program webinar hosted via Zoom.
  • 7:00 PM
  • 2nd Tuesday of the Month
  • 3rd Tuesday of the Month
$ 29.99 per session


  • Probation Station education program webinar hosted via Zoom.
  • 11:00 AM
  • 2nd Thursday of the Month
  • 3rd Thursday of the Month
$ 29.99 per session


Do not enter the system alone. Join the Probation Station community! 

The United States has the world’s largest economy, is the world’s third most populated country, and incarcerates more people per capita, at 716 per 100,000 people, than any other country in the world. Probation Station is your platform for references, and general information on the criminal justice system. Monalisa takes the initiative to educate the public, advocate in court and has organized groups to attend court hearings. Make sure you REGISTER for our next webinar.

The criminal justice system is only blind to those who do not understand the options their rights provide, and will often treat large portions of the population in a systematic manner, ignoring individual circumstance and varying severity of a situation. Probation Station is the public’s roadmap through the network of law enforcement, corrections, and judicial offices that define the criminal justice system. 


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