Probation Station is an organization founded by Monalisa Weber , that educates the community about how the criminal justice systems work. The organization was founded on experience in the department of corrections with regards to how people were informed.  Monalisa realized a communication gap by witnessing first hand that many people are not familiar with the inner workings of the justice system and are not fully aware of their rights.  Probation Station exists to educate and help those challenged by the criminal justice system.  


I am Monalisa Weber, a former Senior in Court Probation Officer. I was introduced to the criminal justice system in 1999, after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University. As a SIC Officer I was assigned to a Broward County Felony Judge where I negotiated probation pleas, advised on changes and important deadlines including terms and conditions of supervision such as house arrest, drug offender probation, prison splits; and provided testimony and recommendations to State and Defense attorneys. 

During my years of employment with the Department of Corrections, I managed case loads of up to 130 felony offenders and mental health cases. My duties included court appearances, interviews, field work to homes, work and rehab programs, and participation in sex offender and gang sweeps.

After leaving the Department of Corrections I founded Probation Station to help navigate the probation process. Individuals are taught the basic functions of the criminal justice system including process components and language. They are also educated on the costs and consequences related to common decisions made by defendants while on probation.

Also, since June 2014, I hosted a radio show I created called the Probation Station Educational Radio Show. I am a public speaker on the criminal justice and probation system, as well as an organizer for criminal justice system reform. I recently led a series for the City of Dania Beach library community workshop about the Criminal Justice System and Community Supervision.

Probation Station Educational Radio Show hosted by Monalisa Weber.

Probation Station's 2 Year Anniversary Slideshow

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